Abdominoplasty : Dermolipectomy abdominal.

The abdominoplastie is a surgical operation intended to withdraw an excess of skin and grease of the lower part of the abdomen and to give in tension the musculature of the abdominal wall.
That makes it possible to obtain a flatter belly and to refine the size.
The skin of the belly is redrapée and the excess of skin is reséqué. The umbilical point finds its place in the middle of the belly, sometimes it must-being lowered by 2 to 3 centimetres.
  • This operation can improve in an important way a slack abdomen.
  • The abdominoplastie generates a final scar of which the length is far from being negligible.
  • This scar is placed in order to be able to be masked by a bathing suit or a slipway..

Dermolipectomie avec répositionnement de l'ombilic et fermeture diastasis dr SALSANO Montpellier Salerno


copyright Dr Vincenzo Salsano ; dernière mise à jour : Novembre 2016




Abdominoplasty technic

Cutaneous incision

  • Located just above pubis (12 cm length approximately), on the level of a horizontal scar of a Caesarean, it goes up then towards the top of the hips.
    Sometimes, a small median vertical incision is necessary.
    In addition, an incision will be carried out around the navel.
  • From this incision, the skin and grease are separated of the muscular plan, to the lower edge of the coasts.
Handing-over in muscular tension
  • If the musculus rectus abdominis muscles of the abdomen are drawn aside, leaving a space between them (diastasis, often secondary with the pregnancies and the variations of weight), they will be brought closer on the line of centers, above and below navel. This causes to centre the size and to give again tonicity with the abdominal wall. In same time, it will be possible to correct a eventration on the level of the navel.
Cutaneous Redrapage
  • The cutanéo-greasy surplus is removed.
  • The navel (remained in place) is fixed after having creates an opening for its passage.
  • The joinings are then carried out (in light tension).



Dermolipectomie avec répositionnement de l'ombilic et fermeture diastasis dr SALSANO Montpellier Salerno

Dernière  mise à jour Novembre 2016    dr Vincenzo SALSANO             




Complications abdominoplasty.



  •  Infection rate of 1%. 

Skin necrosis

  •  A necroses skin of the bottom of the belly can occur and lengthen the times of cicatrization. Normally the primary cicatrization is acquired after 10 to 15 days.



  • A soft physical-activity (walk) is advised but it is necessary to avoid any violent exercise during 6 weeks.
  • The appearance of a phlebitis (the vein of a leg which is stopped) is prevented by an early rising the shortly after the operation and the port of bottom of application of the lower extremities.
  • The tobacco increases the risk of complications and slows down the cicatrization