Indications / Counter indications

Indications / Counter-indications to surgery

Any surgery, in spite of progress of the procedures and the anaesthesia, remains particularly risky among patients présententant a morbid obesity.

To prevent that the risks of the treatment exceed those of the disease, of the quite precise criteria of operational indications were retained in several conferences of consensus..

The surgery is recommended among patients whose BMI (bodystocking farmhouse index) or IMC (index of body mass) is equal to or higher than 40 Kg/m ².
It can be also indicated at the people of which the IMC are higher than 35 Kg/m ² and who suffer from one or more Co-morbidities related to obesity.
One needs moreover than obesity has evolved for at least five years, than the dietetic/preserving treatment is not enough, and of course that there is no surgical counter-indication.

Among the operational counter-indication

  • Druggie-dependence
  • Psychosis
  • Hepatic insufficiency or renal low register (except within the framework of a preliminary preparation to transplantation)
  • Inflammatory diseases of the intestine
  • Not controlled tumoral diseases
  • Recent antecedents of phlebitis or pulmonary embolism
    The assumption of responsibility and refunding, by the cases of health insurance, of the surgery of obesity are allowed only for the patients answering these selection criteria.
    All folders are discussed in a multi-field way to validate the operational indication.



Indications /contre-indications dr Vincenzo Salsano update Novembre 2016